Silksworth Foodbank


On behalf of the Churches Together in Silksworth and with their support we co-ordinate the work of Silksworth Food Bank.

Schools, churches, businesses and individuals donate non-perishable, in-date food to the Silksworth Foodbank. All food given out by the food bank is donated. Our supermarket collection at Morrisons Doxford Park is one of the main ways that food is donated and we are indebted to Morrisons and their customers, along with harvest collections in local schools and churches.

Food is sorted and stored by volunteers to check that it’s in date and when a referral is received a parcel is put together and delivered. Frontline care professionals, local schools and other local organisations working the community identify people in need and pass their details on to us. A food parcel contains a minimum of three days emergency food.

Silksworth food bank is part of the Sunderland Food Bank Network.